Abytopia Abyssinians

Abyssinian breeder in (94401) San Mateo, CA

About: I have been involved with a love affair of Abyssinian cats ever since I fell in love with my first ruddy Abyssinian kitten almost eighteen years ago... my beloved T-Rex.

My main purpose in creating Abytopia is my tag line "The Ideal Aby Made Real",
meaning my personal goal of creating the perfect aby for my taste as well as
conforming to and exceeding the Abyssininan breed standard whenever possible.

Abytopia does currently have pet quality Abyssinian kittens for sale. These will be
sold either after having been neutered or spayed by me, or with a neuter and spay agreement. If you are interested in buying one or more of my kittens, please complete
my prospective buyer form.
(650) 430-3336

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