Ambition AmStaffs

American Staffordshire Terrier breeder in (30004) Alpharetta, GA

About: ​My goal is to be a thoughtful and always helpful breeder and striving for the best possible AmStaff. I don’t breed a lot, but when I do, I carefully consider many different aspects of temperament, health, confirmation, and breed type. I have carefully considered every breeding I have done, striving to produce the best quality Amstaff possible. I am a small hobby “kennel” and produce a litter only when I am ready for a new show dog. I definitely believe in quality over quantity.

With the best interest of the breed in mind, temperament is my highest priority, as it should be with every breeder. I only breed animals that are sound of mind and body. My dogs are raised with cats, kids, and other dogs in my home and none of my dogs have ever been shy or fearful of humans or other dogs. I begin socializing my animals from birth, assisting the dam and handling them frequently until they go to their new homes.
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