Manderly Havanese

Havanese breeder in (17325) Gettysburg, PA

About: I take enormous pride in my Havanese family! I have 4 girls and 1 boy that live in my home with my family. I breed infrequently and very selectively, concentrating on conformation and perpetuating an outstanding and endearing disposition. I have only one or two litters a year. My parents are health tested.

I work very hard to socialize puppies. I take them many places, getting them used to riding in the car and to meeting new people and animals. I do all of this because I LOVE working with my dogs and their babies. A wonderful by-product of these experiences is a well rounded companion.

For the last five years, I have had an absolute blast traveling the country, showing my dogs and making many new friends along the way. It is a joy to keep in touch with the owners of my puppies and to keep tabs on the countless ways they enrich the lives of their human families.

Give me a call to make an appointment to meet me and my Havanese family.
(717) 339-6833

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