Mayberry Bedlingtons

Bedlington Terrier breeder in (80103) Byers, CO

About: We are a small breeder of Bedlington Terriers with a litter born every three to five years. We take pride in breeding and raising these wonderful dogs. Our dogs live with us in our home on the plains of Colorado where the air is fresh and the atmosphere relaxing. Connected to our home we have kennel room where our dogs are given their own private ‘suites’ in which they stay when we are away from the house or tied up on some activity where they cannot join us. They spend much of their time with us around the house and join us in our bedroom for sleeping time. As you can see they are simply part of the family.We strive to breed for healthy, genetically and phenotypically sound and beautiful Bedlingtons. We DNA test for Copper Toxicosis and make our breeding decisions with those results in mind. Some of our dogs go to pet homes and quickly integrate with their new families. Others are shown to their AKC championships by us or their new owners. We breed to the Bedlington Terrier standard and strive to prove that in the show ring. Some of our dogs also excel in obedience competition. They are all around talented and great dogs.
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