Northern Lights Flat-Coated Retrievers

Flat-Coated Retriever breeder in (83634) Kuna, ID

About: Northern Lights Flat Coated Retrievers is a breeder of quality, dual purpose flat-coated retrievers.

We are extremely passionate about this breed and producing sound, correct, dual-purpose dogs with wonderful flatcoat temperaments. We participate in all venues of competition dog sports from conformation (show ring), field work, agility, field, obedience, rally, tracking and dock diving.
We do not breed often but when we do (about once every two years) we do a significant amount of research into the health and temperament of the sire and dam being bred, as well as several generation back, including all of their ancestors offspring.
We run several health tests including hips/elbows/patellas/cardiac/thyroid/CERF& Gonioscopy (eye exams). We will not breed any sire or dam without all of these clearances.
We are very serious about not only bettering our own lines but our breed as a whole.

Proud member of FCRSA since 2004
President 1 term/Vice President 2 terms/Member of the NWFCRC: 2006-current
(360) 904-7299

Health Checks Provided
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Avaialble Flat-Coated Retriever

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