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Dachshund (Toy, Miniature, Standard) breeder in (65789) Pomona, MO

About: USDA and State Licensed. Been in business more than 15 years. Raise Dachshunds,Occasional litter of Shiba Inu, Min-pins, Cava-poos and working on Boston Terriers and Italian Greyhounds
(417) 469-0420

Health Checks Provided
Heart, lungs, knees coat, bite, eyes Vet does the health checks prior to pup leaving me. Adults are checked yearly by vet (He comes to the house and picks up every adult)
Shipping Available
By Air, By Ground or by premium ground. Air to your nearest major airport. Cost depends on size of puppy. $300-$450 Thursdays or Fridays. Weather and temperature delays can occur I use Ozark Jet A Pet By ground. Puppy Travelers mostly but there are others available. Cost depends on size of pup. Averages @275. Cannot do some areas depends on routes. Most East coast big cities are available. Puppy is on a truck and may be placed with other age related/ size compatible puppies from other places. They meet in public places. Leaves here on Mondays Premium ground $450 Pick up at my house and deliver to your house. 100% access communication with drivers. Cost $00-$450. Leave time depends on routes. Puppies always ride alone in super sanitary conditions.
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